The world's best companies rely on Oliv to hire volunteers, promoters and staff.

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Working with Oliv has been one of the best decisions we made as an events company. They provide us with tailored services that match our needs, making our volunteer recruiting process a breeze.

Community Manager at ExtraCake, Middle East Film & Comic Con



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Staffing your next event, made easy.

We've made hiring young, educated and diverse volunteers and event staff easy at any scale.

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We attract talent & grow awareness

Before starting the project, we spend a lot of time asking questions and understanding what success looks like for you.

We then build an online and mobile-responsive experience that captures the character of your company to attract the right people.

How we work


We promote your event and engage

We tap into our community through in-app messages, email, and social media. Our campaigns raise awareness & interest to drive applications.

Understanding Objectives
Assessing job descriptions and understanding the culture, personality and skills you’re hiring for to find the perfect fit.

Aligning Requirements
Communicating with applicants to cross check your needs through qualifying questions for specific requirements like skills, compensation, etc.

Sourcing and Reviewing
Using matching algorithms and a combination of search terms and filter options to narrow the most qualified applicants.

Curation and Feedback
Shortlisting qualified applicants, getting your feedback and providing additional volunteers to cover any last-minute drop-outs.


We filter and shortlist relevant talent

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Keeping up with rapid growth

Step Conference scales with Oliv as they triple in size every year. This year welcoming over 200 millennial volunteers for each event.